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TopTile® Teknotile™ ceiling tiles are innovative, completely sealed, easy-to-clean… and offered in a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns. These nominal 2'x2' tiles are made of calcium sulfate and are coated with a washable laminated vinyl-embossed surface. 2×4 Vinyl Rock Ceiling Tiles. Uncategorized. 2×4 Vinyl Rock Ceiling Tiles. Shelly Lighting July 1, 2018. 3 dimentional drop in ceiling tile 215 3 dimentional drop in ceiling tile 215 2 x 4 vinyl ceiling tiles 2 x 4 vinyl ceiling tiles.. Usg Cgc Ceiling Systems Catalog English Sc2000

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VinylRock™ Gypsum Ceiling Tile 1140-CRF-1, 48L, 40 CAC, 4 QTY Vinyl-faced gypsum ceiling panel. Appropriate for use in ceilings that require repeated cleaning, and suitable for cleaning withcommon disinfecting chemicals. Meets USDA/FSIS sanitary standards for food processing, food service and hospital use.

Vinyl rock ceiling tile usg. Metal Ceiling Tiles. Rockfon metal ceiling tiles, go beyond standard 2×2 aluminum panels, with a broad range of baffles, curved, linear, open cell, perimeter, plank, and security products suitable for decorative interiors, exterior soffits and high security applications. Carton of Tile Pallet of ceiling tiles Vinyl Rock Ceiling Tile Ceiling Mechanic Interior Ceilings Suspended Ceiling Systems Acoustical Contractor Ceiling Contractor. USG 2ft x 2ft ceiling tile USG 2ft x 4ft ceiling tile. Ceiling tile reviews Ceiling Grid Reviews Ceiling Material Reviews 2×4 batt insulation USG Clean Room® Class 100/ISO Class 5, USG Clean Room® 10M-100M and USG Sheetrock® Brand Lay-In Ceiling Panel Clean Room™ are best for a clean room application. Why is LR important? When the proper type of lighting fixture is used with a high LR ceiling, there can be savings in both initial construction costs as well as long-term energy costs.

USG3260 SHEETROCK BRAND LAY-IN ACOUSTICAL CEILING PANELS. White 24”x24”x 1/2” Each Carton contains 4 tiles & covers 16 SF. Edge SQ (SQUARE LAY IN) for use 15/16” or 9/16” Grid. Vinylrock Ceiling Tile Usg. Uncategorized. Vinylrock Ceiling Tile Usg. Shelly Lighting September 15, 2018. Usg sheetrock brand lay in acoustical vinylrock data page acoustic ceilings inside out builders clean room acoustical panels for. Usg Sheetrock Brand Lay In Acoustical Panels Data Sheet English ceiling panels combine a USDA-accepted white stipple texture with the durability of a 2-mil rigid vinyl laminate. Featuring high light reflectance and impact resistance, Gridstone 1/2" thick panels set the standard for appearance and safety. Applications m Gridstone panels are ideal for interior and unexposed exterior ceiling

NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is a standard measurement for a material’s acoustical absorption ranging from 0.00 (no absorption) to 1.00 (total absorption). CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) is a standard measurement of a ceiling system’s ability to block sound between two closed spaces.CAC values of 35 or greater are recommended to achieve speech privacy. Armstrong-USG-Certainteed Ceiling Tile Comparison Chart CEILING TILE COMPARISON CHART: Compare ceiling tiles manufactured by Armstrong, USG and Certainteed (formerly known as Celotex). Find a replacement for a discontinued tile by searching a product number. The pattern may not be exact, but it will be very close. USG Boral Vinyl Ceiling tiles provides a variety of uniquely different designs that adds a beautiful elegance to your space. A reinforced plasterboard core is finished with a very high quality lining that offers a durable face that is easy to clean.

Smooth Pro Lay In Vinyl Black Ceiling Tile (Case of 10) Model# 745-07 $ 2 20 /sq. ft. ( $176.10 /case) $ 2 20 /sq. ft. ( $176.10 /case) Standard delivery. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Compare. Ceilume Polyline White Feather-Light 2 ft. x 4 ft. A gypsum panel ideal in applications where repeat cleaning is required. Features & Benefits: Vinyl-faced gypsum core. Appropriate for use in ceilings that require repeated cleaning, and suitable for cleaning with common disinfecting chemicals. Vinylrock Ceiling, Gypsum Ceiling, Vinyl Coated ceiling Created Date: 1/23/2017 4:51:26 PM.

Gridstone CleanRoom Gypsum Ceiling Panels are for use in systems designed for areas requiring high levels of air cleanliness for airborne particulate levels. The panels are sealed on the face and back with a 2-mil rigid vinyl laminate. See the complete listing of all USG ceiling panels on website. USG SHEETROCK® BRAND LAY-IN GYPSUM CEILING PANELS CLIMAPLUS™ PERFORMANCE The trademarks USG, CGC, CE, CLEAN ROOM, CLIMAPLUS, DONN, DX, DXL, DXLA, FIRECODE, SHEETROCK, ZXLA, IT'S YOUR WORLD. BUILD IT., the USG/CGC logo, the design elements and colors, and Smooth Pro Lay In Vinyl White Ceiling Tile (Case of 12) Model# 740-00 $ 1 77 /sq. ft. ( $84.96 /case) $ 1 77 /sq. ft. ( $84.96 /case) Standard delivery. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Compare. uDecor Duraclean 2 ft. x 4 ft. Lay-In Ceiling Tile in.

The 2-mil. white, stipple-textured vinyl laminate combines high light reflectance with easy cleanability. Basic Uses. Gridstone panels are ideal for interior and unexposed exterior ceiling applications such as soffits, parking garages, kitchens and baths. Gridstone panels are accepted by the USDA for use in food service and food processing areas. usg clean room panels have vinyl-laminated fac with sealed back and edges for use in clean room environmnts up to claass 100/iso 5.. usg astro climaplus acoustical ceiling tile panel 8241 $ 134.99 $ 119.99. add to cart show more-18 % usg 414a frost acoustical panels $ 145.99 $ 119.99. add to cart show more. Inspiring Great Spaces. We're here to help! From cool metals and warm woods to bold colors and bright whites, our broad portfolio of ceilings offers the design flexibility and performance you need for your commercial space.

Explore and find ceiling panels and tiles, suspension systems and ceiling grid, ceiling perimeter trim and accessories – in stone wool and metal, sustainable ceiling materials – to meet your acoustic and fire performance needs, and match your design ideas for sizes, shapes and patterns and more. Featuring superior fire protection and extraordinary dimensional stability, these face-laminated gypsum panels also provide good ceiling attenuation class value. SHEETROCK® Brand ClimaPlus™ Fire code 3270 Lay-In Acoustical Ceiling Panels adhere to strict federal standards and USDA/FSIS requirements, and they meet strict requirements for food-processing areas. These panels are perfect. USG Boral's Vinyl Ceiling Tile consist of a reinforced plasterboard core that is finished with a high quality PVC lining that provides a durable face that is easy to clean. Further product enhancements are available with edge wrapping for clean room environments, as well as reflective foil backings for improved thermal performance.

Warranties and Limitations Lifetime (30-Year) All USG DONN brand suspension systems, when used with any USG ceiling panels or tiles or SHEETROCK brand Limited Warranty gypsum lay-in ceiling panels, carry a lifetime (30-year) warranty that our products shall be free from manufacturing defects and that the suspension systems shall be free from the occurrence of 50% red

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